4 Jun

I’m back from Germany and had a great time at STROKE ART FAIR. Super inspired by all the dope art I saw, I’m ready to spend some time in the studio and grind some work out! Love it when trips do that:)

Trystan from HONEYCOMB and I installing show at Stoke art fair.

Martin holds down the table while massive amounts of people start rolling in.

Painted the entrance way and Trystan painted the windows- looked AMAZING when the light was coming through.

In the midst of all our hard work we got to check the city out one day and see some sites. The architecture and statues there are so ancient looking- the gargoyles were scary!

She’s on a wheat paste mission. haha:)

the whole Jesus effect…

Definitely had to get my character up here n there.

Dingo Babusch from Stuggart hooked up a wall with some cats from Germany that Loomit has. Was so much fun! Thanks DIngo!

my finished piece- the theme of the wall was the oil spill. I was really diggin’ the fact that the message was an issue that was current and needed to be talked about more. Love it!!! The final stitched wall pic coming soon…

Dingo killing it!

Alek goes in as well.

a side note…

Herakut got down at the festival- they are so dope. This was a RIP piece for their friend who passed away due to brain cancer.

Got to check out Arty Farty gallery at Stroke and they were exhibiting the Caligraffiti artist Niels Shoe Muelman. Love his work!!!

Definitely had to get our party on- the whole crew we were hanging with is here. NICE TO MEET ALL YOU GUYS:)

I promised Mike from UR NEW YORK that I would get a flick of his work at STROKE. The work was hanging at Inoperable gallery and their work was fresh

Thanks Vera for hooking up the champagne and being such a gracious host- hope you found a great spot for the print!

The last day of STROKE we decided to blow up baloons and it was so fun- the kids had a blast of course:)

so super cute!!!

DINGO, MARKO and ALEK- my big brothers in Germany. Cant wait til u guys come out here! Thanks for everything:)

And last but not least to my brother from another mother, Trystan…. and Martin you are like family as well. Thank you for the great times, more to come- I love you both! PARIS NEXT?????

STROKE was a great success- look out for another one in Berlin for 2011:) Thanks to Marko for inviting us this year! It was a pleasure meeting so many new interesting people:) I LOVE TRAVELING…

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