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YNY fundraiser

13 Oct

Please join us on October 16th at

Allegra LaViola Gallery located at 179 East Broadway


Second Annual Silent Art Auction & Fundraiser.

One of my prints will be auctioned off at the event for a good cause. I hope to see you there!

YNY-2013-flyerYNY OVERVIEW 2013

ARTISTS who are also WOMEN… article by Vandalog

14 Aug

Thank goodness for press who give props to the women out there doing their thing! You all know I am big on reppin’ the ladies. I have made it my personal mission over the years to make sure we stir shit up and get recognized for our hard work. 

THANKS to Vandalog for making it happen and big THANK YOU to Robin Grearson for writing it.

check it out!!!!

5 pointz Mural

10 Jul

Hey all,

Been on the grind for the past few months and now that summer is here I’m excited to be out on the streets painting. Here’s a piece I recently did at 5 pointz. Check it. Image

YOUNG NEW YORK fundraiser at White Box- 5.29.12

28 May

Please join me and my friends tomorrow evening for a fundraiser benefit at White Box for YOUNG NEW YORK. I am pleased to be donating a piece of my art for this silent auction. Come thru!

YOUNG NEW YORK | At Risk Youth Being Seen, Heard, and Known


 Curated by Natalie Trainor & LNY 


Steven Holl, Steve Powers ESPO, NohjColey, Joe Iurato, Miguel Ovalle, Overunder, Gaia, Rudie Diaz, Marissa Paternoster, Ian Kuali’i, LNY, Blackmath, Doodles, Feral Child, Cake,ND’A, QRST, Sean 9 Lugo, Radical!, C215 from the Vandalog collection, Gilf, Rachel Hays, SUE works, Clown Soldier, Jill Cohen, Yulia Pinkusevich, Alyse Dunn, NEVER,Shane Nash, Jesse Hazelip, Sheryo,the YOK, ASVP, Labrona,Then One,Tom Smith, Day Le, Danielle Riechers,  Jon Burgerman, Darnell Scott, Nathan Pickett, Joseph Grazi, John Breiner, Anne Grauso, ONE 9, SMURFO, Beau Stanton, Chris Cycle, Jamie Bruno, Luna Park, Sam Dylan Gordon, Fay Ku,Michael Bilsborough, Felipe Baeza, Sam Fleichner, Alice Mizrachi, Mare 139, and more….

We are pleased to announce Young New York: A Silent Art Auction & Fundraiser.  This one night event will benefit Young New York (YNY), an art focused social justice program working with 16 and 17 year olds who, legally classified as adults, have been thrown into New York State’s adult criminal justice system.

With space provided by White Box, food provided by Maimonide of Brooklyn, and drinks provided by Bomb Lager, the funds from the silent auction will help build the first stage of the program – a series of creative workshops with fifteen young New Yorkers. The young New Yorkers will work closely with a team of successful artists, designers, teachers and social workers to responsibly and creatively develop their message around their own experiences with, and hopes for, the treatment of youth in the criminal justice system. 

YNY will auction and exhibit the works of emerging and established international artists whose work touches on the realm of the social in urban space, thereby creating a dialogue with the work being developed in the YNY workshops.

Young New York is supported by the Goodman Fellowship at Columbia University and Brooklyn Defender Services.

For more information visit

Event Supporters:  White Box, Maimonide of Brooklyn, Bomb Lager, Loci Architecture

Program Supporters: The Goodman Fellowship – Columbia University, Brooklyn Defender Services, GoPro, Maimonide of Brooklyn.


19 Sep

SO it’s taken me a week to recover from all my recent shows but I’m back and ready to rock the next few gigs. Below are some pics from the YOUNITY exhibition in Yonkers. If you didn’t get a chance to go to the opening you should really make the trip out and check out the show. The neighborhood is beautiful and you can chill by the water and eat lunch at Hudson cafe after you go to the gallery.

Thanks to Cristobal Diaz for filming the event- video coming soon!


Marthalicia Matarrita

Diana McClureAlice Mizrachi


me n the fam

Sofia Maldonado

Krista Franklin

Lady Alezia

LichibanFaith 47

Thanks to Susan Kart for bringing her Sarah Lawrence students and working hard to bring YOUNITY programming to Yonkers!

Thanks to Stephen Force from Yonkers Public Library for supporting our mission and bringing Younity to Yonkers Public Library!

Thanks to Yvette for handling PR- love u sweets!Bringing peoples together with similar life goals feels good- George, Leiann and Jess came thru to support:)

Make sure to sign our guest book when you come see the show!

Ok its time to leave- thanks to the crew who really made it happen!

Enjoying the sun after the opening outside on the library steps. RiverFest (block party) was going on during our event so we had to check it out…Then we went to the Hudson Cafe to get some celebratory drink and food. So nice to eat by the water- it felt like we took a vacation.

Eva, Diana and Clive… lol fun times!

Beautiful sunsets- an excellent way to end a great event!

Thanks to Diana McClure, Marthalicia Matarrita, LMNOP, Swoon, Sofia Maldonado, Krista Franklin, Lady Alezia, Lichiban, Faith 47, Yvette Devito, Samia Grand Pierre, Susan Kart, Stephen Force, Marko Jokic, Cristobal Diaz and Elise Herszkowicz  for contributing to the production of this exhibition.

Look out for the rest of YOUNITY’s “GODDESShood” programming this fall including a panel discussion at Sarah Lawrence College and a mural in a local Yonkers high school.


14 Feb

Working hard to create their cityscape collages out of recycled materials.

Brittan with her finished collage- looks great. She was my student since grade 5 at St. Aloysius School. Great artist, great kid!

Anabel gracefully shows her collage:) I have also known Anabel since 5th grade- she was always such a great artist. So good to see u sweets!

My niece Noa gets down to create a beautiful collage. She goes to the same school I went to as a kid, sometimes I picture her sitting in the same art room making art like I did at that age.

Mayo with big smiles after completing her collage. Mayo is a student at the school I teach at now (Manhattan Country School). She is a great student and artist- always a pleasure working with her.

REINAAAAA looks so proud of her great collage! Reina comes to all my painting events and usually helps me with fill ins or ust creates art next to me. Great kid with so much positivity around her!

Rehana is definitely a superstar, with her ability to create a mood through her very dramatic expressions…. She is also a student at MCS and I LOVE working with her. GREAT COLLAGE.

Alexis is my niece and she really explored with the materials in this collage. So much great energy! I LOVE IT:)

JENNIFER- I forgot to take a pic of her finished piece with her but she WAS AMAZING. SHe is definitely an artist. She attends HS of Art & Design and this is our first time working together. ABSOLUTELY LOVED meeting her- her curiosity and acceptance of things was so refreshing!

Liza and Luna came to nibble on some of the munchies and hang out while we were creating:) LUNA needs to participate soon too, as soon as she can cut!

My sister and Alexis hanging on the couch after finishing collage. THANKS FOR ALL UR HELP SIS!!! LOVE U!

ALL THE KIDS SHOW OFF THEIR WORK IN THE STUDIO. They all had one thing in common- they love art and they know I love sharing art processes with them. They have a fine appreciation for art and I really look forward to watching them grow to see how successful they become in the future. THEY ARE OUR FUTURE and Im so blessed to be part of their growing experiences.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO DID AN AMAZING JOB….. looking forward to seeing you again soon!


22 Jun

Hey!!! Happy summer:)

I will be painting this weekend at AFROPUNK, come through and check it out- should be fun!

AFROPUNK- JUNE 26 & 27 at Commodore Barry Park at Flushing and Park Avenues.