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“TAKE FLIGHT”- print #7 give series

14 Mar

Still having fun working on the give series- every print completed will get posted. Here’s #7- TAKE FLIGHT. This image will be displayed and published in a book for Stroke Art Fair in Munich hosted by HONEYCOMB during MAY. The theme is Elements and I did AIR. CHeck it>>>>>>>>>>>

Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen- 3.6.10

13 Mar

This is our second year attending Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen and it’s always so much fun! The community vibe is strong and the performers are amazing! I got to catch up with my YOUNITY crew as well as some other peeps- was great!

check out some of the flicks below of my goods, TOOFLY‘s goods and YOUNITY. OurĀ  YOUNITY team was there to rep- thanks ladies!!!

our table at Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen

AM goods


TOOFLY goods

Yvette & TOOFLY holding it down:)

YAY!!! The CREW is all here!!!!!!!!!! so nice to see you all again:)

Performance coming to an end with slideshow by TOOFLY- our hand image that Martha Cooper took is in the background for this shot- I love it!

Thanks to Kathleen Adams and Lah Tere for putting Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen together!!!