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Welling Court Community Mural Project

23 May

This Mural project organized by the amazing Alison & Garrison from ADHOC was such a great community vibe! It was a huge inspiration to paint around such dope artists and be around folks who really appreciate what we do. Thanks Alison & Garrison for hooking it up!

Day 1 of painting- the community came out and offered us fresh watermelon juice and fruits ALL DAY! Heres the amazing family that kept providing us with treats:) Thanks guys!

Day 2 of painting- WALL COMPLETE. loving the colors!

LOVE LOVE LOVE cern’s piece- looks like an old friend of mine…

Sophia Maldonado’s piece:)

TOOFLY and the fam- Monica & Pam chilling in the community garden by the wall. This place is awesome. More communities should get down and turn wasted spaces into gardens- SUSTAINABLE LIVING.

The crew chilling in the sun. Those chairs were a great idea!

Got to hang with the kids in the community- they were pleased and inspired with the new art.

this lil girl was so super cute!

TOOFLY and her amazing warrior- DOPE!

Thanks again to Alison & Garrison for giving us this dope opportunity and experience, thanks to the community for all your love and support and thanks to all our peeps who came through to chill and be part of this great event:) I feel truly blessed!


19 May


WELLING COURT MURAL PROJECT – An NYC street art block party!
Saturday May 22, 2010 ((( 4-10PM )))
11-98 Welling Court, Queens, NY 11102
N or W train to 30th Ave & walk 10 blocks towards the East River or take the Q18 bus down 30th Ave to 12th St.


1} Welling Court Mural Project:

Opening is Saturday, May 22nd, 4-10pm.

* The community is hosting an authentic NYC street party for the event.  If you plan on joining the celebration,  feel free to bring your favorite food, beverage, or street party fixins to share.

There’s never too much of a good thing…

Welling Court Artists include: Alice Mizrachi, Beast, Chris Mendoza, Chris Stain, Celso, Cern, Cey Adams, CR, Cycle, Dan Witz, Darkclouds, Daryll Peirce, Don Leicht, Ellis G, Free5, Gaia, Garrison & Alison Buxton, Greg Lamarche, JMR, John Fekner, Lady Pink, Leon Reid, Matt Siren, M-City, Michael De Feo, Mr. Kiji, Pablo Power, Peripheral Media Projects, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, Remi/Rough, Ron English, Royce Bannon, Sofia Maldonado, Stormie Mills, Sweet Toof, Swoon, TooFly, Tristan Eaton, and Veng RWK.

The address is 11-98 Welling Court, Queens, NY 11102

* Directions: Take the N or W train to 30th Ave & walk 10 blocks towards the East River or take the Q18 bus down 30th Ave to 12th St.

* CLICK HERE for more subway directions from Bushwick.  Modify them to your liking.

The project represents a great pairing of individuals and groups interested in making their communities and the world a more engaged and creative place.  Members of the Welling Court neighborhood in Queens wanted to beautify their neighborhood walls and enliven their surroundings and Brooklyn’s Ad Hoc Art, an arts organization known for supporting and expanding the accessibility of street art to the masses in NYC and throughout the world, was an perfect fit.

Ad Hoc’s vision was to showcase the diverse and rich history of artists driven by their passion for expression and dreams for a better world.  The project’s roster represents over 50 years of the expansive and diverse history of street art, bringing together artists whose productivity spans from pre/graffiti legends to the latest movers and shakers.  While a strong New York City contingency represents the city’s legacy as a bubbling brew of public expression, international players reflect the global impact of the movement that burst from the Big Apple.

The project begins at the intersection of Welling Court, 30th Avenue and 12th Street and extends north along 30th Avenue and then east along Main Avenue, across the street from the Two Coves Community Garden.  The street of Welling Court is a beautiful reminder to the rich diversity that exists within New York City.  The block is a melting pot representing people of African American, Greek, Peruvian, Ecuadoran, Mexican, Brazilian, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Italian origin, to name a few.

Likewise, the artists come from diverse origins with Latin American, African American, Caucasian, and Eastern artists represented, as well as natives from Australia, Nicaraugua, Poland, Puerto Rico, the UK, & Venezuela.

YOUNITY 2nd annual ARTS MARKIT 2010

17 May

JUNKPRINTS reppin’ again this year:) I remember we first met Chanel at Artist in Fleas the first time we did MOMZ rock market. Ever since we saw her goods we loved ’em. Keep doing your thing girl cause its amazing!!!

I love INKS design!!! Pam saved the day with wrapping the rocks in bags and making them look like stickers- SO resourceful!!! Thanks for your help:)

Our new YOUNITY YOUTH Brittany holding down the YOUNITY table- Thanks Britt!

Arianne Zager had some dope paintings that I fell in love with- Nice to meet you girl, thanks for participating in the MARKIT this year:)

Randy (FRESTHETIC), URNEWYORK and KOOKIE KIMMIE treats- thanks for the earrings girl I love ’em!

FRESTHETIC always supporting and creating dope new art!!! Got a pair of  earrings that I love- thanks girl!  Thanks for the posters Omar:) LOVE U GUYS!!!

Aaron with the awesome paintings- we need to do a trade!

RANDY folding the shirts the “RIGHT WAY”- FRESTHETIC

DJ SKI- HI and my sista DJ LAYLO on the 1’s and 2’s..THANK U GUYS!

Kelly Denato joins us this year with her plush handmade pillows, art and amazing totes. Definitely need one of those pillows!

Yvette and Toofly getting the vinyl warmed up for the breakers:)

Ladies love Masahiro’s feather designs!

TF n Tina- thanks for all your help Tina. U always down- THANK YOU!!!! I love your sketchbooks:)

Shana doing Tarot Card Readings- I still need to do mine…

Avery holding up a print she now owns- Thanks Stephanie!!

Mikey and kids playing- love the kids running around, great vibe!

Toofly and Father Tom kickin it.. Thanks for all the support Fr. Tom!


EROTICA painting the kids- thanks for the star on my cheek mama!

Martha came through to support, take flicks and show us her new book NAME TAGGING. Gotta cop that!

Rokafella came thru with Full Circle and 5 Crew Dynasty- everyone loved them, so great to watch them get down:)

Yvey N Kel- love is in the air.

Diana n me enjoying the sun!

Rokafella & Martha Cooper supporting- Thanks:)

Patty Dukes and Rephstar came thru to support- Thanks for all the love on CIRCA 95

Thanks to YVEY AND TOOFLY for organizing this years MARKIT. It was awesome!!! Thanks to everyone who came thru to support YOUNITY and the artists and of course thanks to FR. TOM and Our Lady of Sorrows for supporting artist in our NY community:)


17 May

Last weekend we went on a YOUNITY retreat to the Catskills- definitely needed this trip. Was great to get away with my peeps and be in nature. Can’t wait to do it again!!!

Such beautiful trees everywhere- I LOVE TREES!

Ahhhhh nature…

TOOFLY and DIANA chilling by the firepit having our deep morning conversations- What song is this, lol ????

Hiking to some lake that we followed after hearing the water:) Was so dope!

TOOFLY and DIANA chillin on log enjoying the sun:)

Classic self portrait shot.


More TALL trees.

Our artist loft space where we had a dance session.

TF crosses the rocky lake. Love that we made our own trail!


Diana and Toofly

Strike a pose!

Yoga poses making my blood flow.

Goddess D:)

NATURE IS LUSH- and yes we came to the conclusion that all answers can be found in the balance of nature.

THANKS for hooking this trip up D- was so relaxing. Looking forward to the next RETREAT in October with the rest of our crew !!!!