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“GOOD THINGS”- love project/ HONEYCOMB

22 Dec


series 01 LOVE-

love surrounds us. It has existed since the beginning of time and has served as inspiration for some of the most beautiful creations of our time. It is a force for all its own with the power to change the world if we choose to embrace it.

here’s the piece:

2009 PRINTS- “GIVE LOVE” series

21 Dec

In the spirit of the season I have been creating a series called the “give” series. I have been experimenting with printmaking and new processes of printing on different materials. Exploring always allows me to keep my art fresh and new. I plan to create 13 different prints in this series. Here are the first 4- Look out for the rest.

“GIVE LOVE”- print #1 give series

“GIVE LIGHT”- print #2 give series

“GIVE LIFE”- print #3 give series

“BE LIKE WATER”- print #4 give series