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31 Aug

Was in a group show this weekend called “Across The Board”. I loved the way my board was hung and the show was a great success!

Thanks Laurie for all the hardwork- it was AWESOME!!! See below for some flicks:)

“THE QUEEN OF HEARTS”- i love the way the boards were hung in a circle- looked great!

THA ladies & mikey:)

KEL 5MH board- looking good!

Mike behind his board- love this flick!

Nelson “HOST” showing his board- AUTISM AWARENESS

Crystal Clarity in da house!

Jack & Wesly having a blast!

Jack & Laurie- Thanks for all your hard work Laurie. The show was great!

LADY CAPRICE is here- cant wait to chill in Paris:)

THANKS to ALL who came through to show support for autism- THANKS to LAURIE for putting together a dope exhibit for a great cause!

“ACROSS THE BOARD” 8.28.10 7-12pm

28 Aug


FOKUS presentsTHE STOOP 2010

17 Aug

FOKUS invited some me to THE STOOP this year to paint while a bunch of artists performed. Circa 95 was there, Free5, James Wright, DJ Synapse, Si*Se and a few others. It was so chill and fun- had a great vibe! Peep the flicks-

Me n Allison from FOKUS taking a quick pic because Allison is ALWAYS on the move making sure everything is perfect! Thanks for all your hard work girl- u the best!Patty Dukes and Rephstar having a blast on stage- they killed it!

Aaron Spazecraft representing and spreading his love and positivity as ALWAYS!

Reina came thru to show her support- I love this little girl!!!

Atiba checking out the performances after working so hard all day- Thanks for all ur hard work!

DJ SYNAPSE, PATTY DUKES & REPHSTAR doing their thing:)

It was a pleasure meeting John Wright whose painting style I was really feeling.

Free5 doing his thing- he built these amazing wood pieces for us to paint. So handy- just like Bob the builder. lol. THANKS FREDDIE!

Loving the fly chicas coming through posing in front of my piece:)

FINISHED piece- loved creating this!

Thanks to Atiba & Allison from FOKUS for organizing a DOPE event and giving artists opportunities to really do their thing. Thanks to Russ for really helping me & Free5 with the installation of wood panels. AND THANKS to FREE5 for creating such amazing sturdy professional looking surfaces to work on!!!


16 Aug

This year I went on vacation to Bermuda- was so beautiful and relaxing- peep the pics.

Havent seen a rainbow since I was in Cali about 6 years ago- I was so excited.

Crystal clear aqua water- SO LOVELY.

Cute colorful houses everywhere.

I had a blast- cant wait to go back!


16 Aug

On route to CANADA from VERMONT we saw these amazing sunflower fields- they were so huge and beautiful.

WANE enjoying the sunflowers:)

Arrived in Canada after a little detour…

Walking around and taking photos of inspiring things, this definitely inspired for the painting I was going to work on the next day.

Cory got down and helped fill my piece- love my girl!

Almost done, just trying to get up high with the crate aka “the ladder”.

FINAL finished piece- was so fun!

Wane putting some finishing touches.

Skinz finishing up b4 the rain starts coming down.

Kems hooked it up and went in… THANKS KEMS!

SKAN is killing it out in CANADA- thanks to both you and your girl ZARBY for your hospitality and really hooking it up:)

Haxan was there when we arrived- she was doing her thing. i really liked her style!

Nixon reminded me of a friend I have in NY and his vibe was just as dope too- i love painting next to people who are really open and loving. Thanks for the good energy NIXON, hit me when ur in NYC!

FINISHED close up.

All in all Canada was great- too short but I got to paint and chill with my peeps which is always a blast!


10 Aug

Come thru and check this out y’all.