17 May

Last weekend we went on a YOUNITY retreat to the Catskills- definitely needed this trip. Was great to get away with my peeps and be in nature. Can’t wait to do it again!!!

Such beautiful trees everywhere- I LOVE TREES!

Ahhhhh nature…

TOOFLY and DIANA chilling by the firepit having our deep morning conversations- What song is this, lol ????

Hiking to some lake that we followed after hearing the water:) Was so dope!

TOOFLY and DIANA chillin on log enjoying the sun:)

Classic self portrait shot.


More TALL trees.

Our artist loft space where we had a dance session.

TF crosses the rocky lake. Love that we made our own trail!


Diana and Toofly

Strike a pose!

Yoga poses making my blood flow.

Goddess D:)

NATURE IS LUSH- and yes we came to the conclusion that all answers can be found in the balance of nature.

THANKS for hooking this trip up D- was so relaxing. Looking forward to the next RETREAT in October with the rest of our crew !!!!

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