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21 Oct

As part of my residency in Paris I taught a youth printmaking workshop. Although there was a language barrier I did not let that stop me from working with the kids. It was a 2 session printmaking workshop that was thematically open. With the help of Sidy from Rstyle, Marie and Abdul who were the MCV educators I was able to communicate with the kids and they understood. The results were great and I felt really happy to share my knowledge with kids from Paris. Check the flicks:

DAY 1- sketching and planning

Day 2- carving and printing

photo by Daniela Capistrano

photo by Daniela Capistrano

for more flicks check out the PARIS blog DCAP built:

PARIS walls- 2010

21 Oct

While I was out in Paris I painted 4 walls, here they are:

Rooftop at Marche Malik- “CLEOPATRA”

wall at Bellville with EMA & KID ACNE- photo by Daniela Capistrano

wall at Port Vincennes with DEY & her crew- photo by Daniela Capistrano

Port Vincennes on Rue de Pyrenees with KASHINK

Was great to paint with all of you guys, thanks!


20 Oct

At the start of our trip we met Jay1 through our boy Reach. Jay hooked us up with RSTYLE to get resources for the youth workshop we were planning. We needed kids and a cultural space to do our workshop. When arriving at Rstyle we were greeted by the owner Francois, Idriss and Sidy. Idriss took these pics of us in their photo studio, I think they are great! After the shoot, Sidy took us to look at spots to host our workshop. Thats when we met Michelle from MCV which is where our youth workshop took place. Below are the pics from the Rstyle photo shoot! THANKS TO RSTYLE for hooking it up. Much love to you guys!


12 Oct

As promised here are more photos on my journey in Paris:

On top of a hill not too far from Moulin Rouge in Montemartre there is this BEAUTIFUL church called Sacre-Couer- we went to check it out at night.

The fountains out here are extraordinary- in NY it would be defaced. lol. Looks like she’s puking water. haha

It was rainy this day so we decided to go to the Pompidou and check out some art. The Eiffel Tower view from the top of the Pompidou.

This church looks like a sand castle to me- it is by Chatelet.

Pompidou Museum in Paris had a feminist exhibition and this was the entrance for it- I really enjoyed it.

Daniela at the Pompidou enjoying this cool installation in the Elles exhibit.

Vinz from Fatcap (who will be doing posting my interview soon) took us to this cool graffiti jam in area 93 of Paris called Bobigny. We found out that Bobigny is the hood of Paris- our friend JuanCarlos told us that it is rough out there… We met 2 cool women who were painting-one was DEY. We talked about linking later in the week to paint at Port Vincennes.  Also met a photographer out here Chrixcel who is in the pic above with me & DEY.

Went to the Louvre the first time on Tuesday and it was closed!!!! So sad but we went again, this time on Monday.

Daniela in the Jardin by the louvre-  basking in the little bit of sun shining on her:) love this pic!

SHE MEANS BUSINESS- DO NOT mess with her!!

The Jardin by the Louvre is like a big outdoor museum filled with sculptures- even though it was a bit rainy it was still breathtakingly beautiful!

We stumbled upon this bridge after we left the AMAZING Sennelier art store. We both read about the bridge but didn’t know where it was. This bridge on the Seine by the Louvre that people who are in love go to. I though this was so romantic- check this, they go there with a lock with their names written or carved on it, lock it on the gate and throw the key in the river to lock their love forever. SOOOOOO sweet!



12 Oct

I have been so mesmerized by Paris that I haven’t had time to update my blog. I think it also has to do with Daniela documenting everything so thoroughly that it has me thinking “well she’s got it”. If you haven’t already done so definitely check out the blog she has been updating daily on our residency out here:

I am so thankful to work with Daniela- she has been an AMAZING travel partner and collaborator! THANKS DCAP!!!

In the past 3 weeks I have been meeting people, creating prints, teaching workshops, wheatpasting and painting walls. The tumblr is a great way to follow our daily events but here are some flicks as well to keep my blog fresh- ENJOY!!!MAQUIS ART- the one stop shop for all your graff needs…

SHOUT OUT TO KAYONE for taking care of me while I’ve been here- THANKS KAY!!!


KAYONE referred us to his boy BANGA at Marche Malik who is an amazing artist- we checked out his shop and he hooked us up with a rooftop. I was so excited!!!

This image was inspired by CLEOPATRA.

A BIG THANK YOU to Banga for welcoming us with open arms, hooking up a dope spot to paint and teaching me a new cap technique that I love!!!!

A BIG hug n kiss to Salome for keeping us company and showing mad girly love!!!! I love Salome’s style.

Next blog posting coming tomorrow…


29 Sep

As part of my residency here in Paris I am creating 7 prints, below are the first four. Check ’em:





3 more to go:)


21 Sep


I am finally out here and working on this amazing residency. For those who dont know I am in Paris until October 15th doing an artist residency. I am so in love with this place. Today marks a week that me and Daniela Capistrano have been here making art and documenting it. I am creating several prints while I’m here, wheat pasting the streets, painting 3 murals and teaching a youth workshop while filmmaker Daniela Capistrano captures it all. We have a blog up and running that Daniela put together, check it out:

Daniela’s flickr:

I will update this blog weekly with pics and news… stay tuned.

Au revoir!!!


7 Sep

I was in Minneapolis this past weekend for the annual BGIRL BE event. I have been out there the past 4 years and it is always great to be part of such an inspiring event.

Peep the flicks below!

PARTY at the nomad- I was there. lol

Big Tara, Aiko & Aruna hanging at the party reuniting:)

I had a table with some goods at the block party. Those who bought some goods- thanks for your support!

MELIWONKA WAS AWESOME- she sprinkled everyone with glitter and stars. Hey where’s my golden ticket? haha

DESDEMONA always supporting my art- THANKS GIRL!!!

Michelle and Big Tara showing off their new AM stickers:)

ALL the BGIRL BE ladies presenting Pam the Funkstress with her award. U LADIES are so wonderful- THANK U!!!


BGIRL AIKO showing off her AM stencil. had a blast with you girl!

Me & Pur got to chill- we been painting together on this wall for the past 4 years together. Was great to meet your family mama!

RUKUS- really making sure I was good the whole trip. THANKS for really taking care of me kid!


JESS n TROSE- the hostest with the mostest!!!

blowing kisses…

wow!!!!! I cant even begin to explain how amazing the food was at this BBQ. Banana pudding n Mofongo… yum

THA LADIES.. tha ladies…

My finished piece- this is the Egyptian goddess Ma’at. She represents TRUTH.

Stick em up.:)

I always enjoy myself when I’m in Minneapolis- this is a strong community of women who are so supportive of the arts.  THANKS to TROSE & Jess for hosting me this year. THANKS to all the BGIRL BE ladies for doing a great job uniting women in hip hop. I really appreciate all the support and love! U GUYS R THE BEST.


16 Aug

This year I went on vacation to Bermuda- was so beautiful and relaxing- peep the pics.

Havent seen a rainbow since I was in Cali about 6 years ago- I was so excited.

Crystal clear aqua water- SO LOVELY.

Cute colorful houses everywhere.

I had a blast- cant wait to go back!


16 Aug

On route to CANADA from VERMONT we saw these amazing sunflower fields- they were so huge and beautiful.

WANE enjoying the sunflowers:)

Arrived in Canada after a little detour…

Walking around and taking photos of inspiring things, this definitely inspired for the painting I was going to work on the next day.

Cory got down and helped fill my piece- love my girl!

Almost done, just trying to get up high with the crate aka “the ladder”.

FINAL finished piece- was so fun!

Wane putting some finishing touches.

Skinz finishing up b4 the rain starts coming down.

Kems hooked it up and went in… THANKS KEMS!

SKAN is killing it out in CANADA- thanks to both you and your girl ZARBY for your hospitality and really hooking it up:)

Haxan was there when we arrived- she was doing her thing. i really liked her style!

Nixon reminded me of a friend I have in NY and his vibe was just as dope too- i love painting next to people who are really open and loving. Thanks for the good energy NIXON, hit me when ur in NYC!

FINISHED close up.

All in all Canada was great- too short but I got to paint and chill with my peeps which is always a blast!