“Lost &Found” at Mighty Tanaka- 1.13.12

10 Jan

Hey all,

I’m honored to be part of this group show on Friday- please come through and peep some amazing art. See ya there!

Lost & Found, our first show of 2012, explores the usage of found materials and how artists choose to reinterpret the world around them.  Featuring the artwork of five very different artists, Adam VoidAlice MizrachiCurtis Readel, ELLE &John Breiner, their work both compliments and juxtaposes, as they express themselves through a myriad of techniques and approaches centering around artwork created from found objects.

Lost & Found Opening Reception:

 Friday, January 13th

(show runs until February 5th)

6pm – 9pm

 111 Front Street, Suite 224

 (F Train to York Street, A/C Train to High Street)

Mighty Tanaka presents:

Lost & Found

Featuring the artwork of Adam Void, Alice Mizrachi, Curtis Readel, ELLE & John Briener

Look around you; the world is full of art.  We all know the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, however, some individuals choose to take that phrase to heart.  Artists from a range of disciplines utilize a world of scattered debris, creating an array of striking creations from the items that many people would find worthless.  Mighty Tanaka is pleased to bring you our first show of 2012 entitled Lost & Found, a group show of found objects and the artwork that is created from them.  Featuring the vision of Adam VoidAlice MizrachiCurtis ReadelELLE & John Breiner, each artist represents a unique idea of the world through their chosen method of creation.

Lost & Found intends to demonstrate a cross-section of aesthetic interpretation of objects that are generally taken for granted in daily life.  Artwork made from found materials provides the artist with an endless amount of inspiration, as all the necessary components are easily accessible and free to use.  This is the art of the juxtaposition, both complimenting and conflicting itself, as the work is literally born from the streets and transformed into something that is new, exciting and fresh.

Through the usage of mediums such as old beat up currency, abandoned pieces of wood, detached doors and tattered textiles, the artist is able to rebuild forgotten memories and forge them into a new identity.  Lost & Found offers the viewer the opportunity to reconnect with the pieces of the past and the chance to begin anew.

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