Bazel Gallery exhibition recap

14 Aug

BACK HOME after traveling to Paris and Israel for the past month. I truly feel blessed and so happy to have showed in 2 of my favorite places- PARIS and ISRAEL. Thanks to all who supported and showed love . THANK YOU!!!!

Please see some pics below and stay tuned for the next 3 exhibitions…

ahhhh how I needed the sun when I got there! After the long NY winter and cold and rainy in Paris I was ready for that sun:)

promoting my show without even knowing it! haha

Bazel Gallery installation is Tel Aviv, Israel. 2011

I love this piece- was the first to sell in this show….

great turnout with such amazing supportive people!

One of my faves in the show- my dad was there while I was making this one and he asked me to add the feather. He also helped affix the piece inside the tire. A father/ daughter collaboration:)

Paula defintely did a good job tending bar, noone was thirsty. Thanks Paula!

the beautiful couple!- Sharon, where’s my dress? haha

Was great having Know Hope stop by- I’m a fan of his work.

This is one of my favorite pics- I want to paint this.

I love u!

My amazing Family came to support my work! Love this crew

Left Israel way too soon but at least I had enough time to see this beautiful sunset:) be back there soon.

Thanks to Bazel Gallery, my TLV community and the family for making my trip an amazing experience! See you next year.

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