HONEYCOMB ARTS “RITUAL” exhibtion recap 2011

13 Jul

WHEWWWWW! It has been a very busy week! With 2 openings in 1 night and a big installation for The Honeycomb show- I haven’t slept very much.
Thanks to all who came thru to support last nights exhibtions both at Causey Contemporary Gallery and Powerhouse Arena. If you missed it, the show is open until the end of August and you can view the flier in previous posts. I took many photos last night but here are a few real quick. Gotta get ready for my solo show in Paris and then Israel- I leave this FRIDAY!!! SO excited. Stay tuned for more of my adventures.

I want to give a very special THANK YOU and congrats to my best friend Trystan Bates for doing an incredible curatorial job with this Honeycomb show and really bridging the gap between international artists. It is so needed and so much fun- I LOVE U TRYS!! THANKS to all the Honeycomb artists for being a great team and helping us install the show:) The work speaks for itself!

Another thank you goes out to Alex Emmart from Mighty Tanaka for including me in the Under the Influence show at Powerhouse Arena. I heard it was a great success!!!

My installation for the show.

Trystan Bates (director of Honeycomb Arts), Minni Bates and me pose in front of Trystan’s piece
These walls stand in the center of the space and were built by Jaz with a lending hand by the rest of the Honeycomb crew. Cern’s balloon installation up top was awesome!

FREE5 gets down and installs some new work using pastel.

David Shillinglaw’s dope mural! Was great meeting him n Joanna:)

Trystan Bates work.

SO HOT in this space but Maria had a fan to make sure she stayed cool- great idea! The amazing thing is was so hot yet people were still hanging cause the work was so inspirational.

Ricky Lee Gordon from South Africa gets down on a wall across from the gallery. DOPE ARTIST!

Some of the artists from the show- I wish we got a group shot of all the artists to mark this moment in history, it was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while!!!!

More pics of the artwork to come- this is just some:)

See link for press release.

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