30 Jun

This summer has been super duper busy for me so of course I haven’t had a chance to blog- here it is. A mashup blog entry of all my projects since MAY…


This May my homie Free5 asked me to get down on this wall in Astoria by Ditmars Blvd (around the corner from Jackson Hole Diner). Had a great time and painted a character that I was really diggin’. Peep the pics. THANKS FREE5:)

Me and Diana took a trip out to Maryland to visit The Accokeek Foundation. We had a meeting with some of the AMAZING folks who are protecting and fighting for our food rights. This YOUNITY research trip was necessary since our next fall YOUNITY show focuses on food sovereignty. See pics below…

farmers posted this which I thought was beautiful!

cows grazing freely which is how ALL cows should be raised.

THANKS to Molly from Accokeek for hosting us:)


I was hired to work for The Laundromat Project this year which goes into NYC communities and sets up art workshops outside laundromats. I taught a t shirt bleach batik workshop focusing on your neighborhood… here are some pics:


This year I was invited to participate in the Sing For Hope Piano Pop Up Project. My piano is currently located at Washington Market on Greenwich Street and Reade Street, downtown NYC. : See pic below for my piano:) AND GO CHECK MY PIANO OUT UNTIL JULY 2nd. I also taught a workshop with the ART U! students to create their own pianos.. so inspiring! I am honored to be teaching with Sing for Hope year round starting August.

These professional visual artists have volunteered alongside community members, Sing for Hope Art U! students, and master technician Fred Patella to bring their 88 individual Pop-Up Pianos to life. And once the Pop-Up Pianos hit the streets, hundreds of Sing for Hope Volunteer Artists from NYC’s great stages will bring the pianos further to life with their Pop-Up Concerts!

Artist Melanie Edwards play on my piano with a charming young audience.

SING FOR HOPE ART U! students hooking the piano up.

SMILE for the camera:)

Victoria gets down with her piece…. lovin’ it

THANKS JOSE for inviting me and hiring me to teach students at Sing for Hope!


Thanks to the crew who participated in my second workshop- it is an honor to work with you guys! Cant wait until the next one… This is the second workshop hosted at my place. I love that my community reaches out asking for art workshops. I didnt take that many pics this session but here are a few.. the next one will be stencil making in August:) If you’re interested in participating email me:

Deedee’s first time printing and she was a pro!!!!

Heather and Liza working hard to get it done…. times a tickin’

Portia stays late to get different variation of the print… I love ur creativity gal!

I created a print and then printed them into stickers- look out for them and u can even ask for one when u see me:)


This year was the 2nd annual Welling Court Mural Project and I along with many other artists were invited to paint this neighborhood. Like last year the community came out to feed us and make sure we were all good. They also hosted a block party for us with delicious food, good tunes and positive vibez! You can’t even imagine how good it feels to have people in the community support what you do. THANKS to ALLISON AND GARRISON of ADHOC Art for putting this together- u guys are a dynamic duo!!!!

Me n El Camino rocked a wall together…

Me n Allison share a kodak moment.

My piece complete to add to my book of walls…

Looking forward to next year:)


Just got back from Seattle and Walla Walla, Washington this week for meetings about a really DOPE upcoming project that’s on the horizon… I will be traveling to Seattle often this coming year:) stay tuned for more info about that later. While I was out there I got to chill with some really cool peeps and get a piece done. The gorgeous mansion I stayed at was so inspiring; I was anxious to bless it!!! Check out some of the flicks below and of course a very special thank you to Stephanie Dorgan for hosting and Steve Miller as well as Tilson for bringing all my materials and buckets of energy! much love… more to come soon:)

WHATS NEXT… 2 shows in BK, solos show in Paris, solo show in Israel and YOUNITY show in the fall.

3 Responses to “SUMMER 2011 MASHUP”

  1. Fiction & Foibles July 2, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

    Not only do you create beautiful art, you create a beautiful world around it. Your creativity, and how you use that creativity to make a better life for others, is truly inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing your big life adventure with us.

    • amfiles July 4, 2011 at 3:05 am #

      Thank u!!! That means a lot:)

    • amfiles September 23, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

      Thanks so much!

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