4 Apr

Hey all,

This week I hosted a printmaking workshop with some amazing people at my place. It was so much fun and will become a monthly thing per their request- check out the flicks:

PRINTMAKING TOOLS EVERYWHERRRRRRRR.. nibs from linoleum cutter.Sarah prepping her block printing plate- mapping out the design:)

Anusha really taking her time to carve the perfect elephant- the process is what makes these so fun! Happy u got into it gurrrrrl:)

Joe is like a pro in any medium he uses- he goes right in- NO QUESTIONS ASKED:)

First time working with Jada and it was a great pleasure- her piece was asymmetrically symmetrical if that’s possible at

Michelle came in doing something real graphic and left with something super textured. I love how process flows naturally and when you go with it’s even better!

Caitlin and Gail working hard at carving…. definitely put their backs into it:)

Michelle pulling her prints and experimenting- so happy u came Michelle!

Caitlin was super ambitious with this and I am so happy she was cause it came out AMAZING!!! u go with the freestyle skillz girl!

Gail was able to create the texture of the monster in the print. I thought that was super cool- its hard to create fur with ink…

Leianne and her peaceful lotus. I think every print really represented the individual and this def reps you Lei!

Awwwww Liza- I love your perfect print! So great to work with both you and Reina and see the similarities and differences.

Nelson- I love the print you left me! Thanks for hooking it up with the chairs- It was such a pleasure working with you and I know we are going to continue building!

Leianne and Nelson showing off their amazing prints!

PORTIA- definitely love your curiosity in playing and exploring new ways. I’m so happy you came – worked out perfect since someone cancelled that morning:)

It was great having you stick around while I was cleaning up- the edition you created was really beautiful. Anusha somehow made the paper look like they were burned by acid with their texture- SO DOPE!

Nelson reviewing his work while getting ready to sign and number his edition of prints.

Sarah, Portia and Liza give big smiles and lotta love before leaving to feed the babies…

THE GROUP of new printmakers- next time we gotta get a group shot before anyone leaves.

ALL MY NEW PRINTS- THANKS for all leaving a print for me:) I’m so excited to have worked with you all, it was so fun and I look forward to more of these!

STAY TUNED FOR NEXT WORKSHOP IN MAY…. hit me up for details.

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