15 Dec

This year I made it out to Art Basel in Miami and met up with a bunch of my friends. The whole trip was so inspiring, I got to see my peeps that I barely see, I got to paint in the sunny warm weather and I got to check out some AMAZING shows that were really inspirational. Peep the flicks….

MIAMI – we r here!!!

My first wall at Primary Flight I95 wall- thanks for hooking it up TYPOE:)

FREE 5 killing it as usual!

This is dedicated to my dear brother in law who passed away 2 years ago- I MISS HIM. RIP JOE “WINDOW TO UR SOUL”. Rooftop wall with Jaes & Free 5- full wall pics coming but this is my piece.

YOUNITY artist AIKO in full effect!



RETNA had an amazing show- loved the work!

WANE gettin’ up everywhere!

HAZE & MARE 139- was great to bulid with Mare this weekend!

EMA & KID ACNE were there- great seeing the work after just painting with them in Paris!

This was my favorite wall at Basel this year- How & Nosm really went in.

Really digging these artists from Peru- Wane keeps telling me about them, I cant wait to meet them. LOVE IT!

NO trip to Miami would be complete without seeing my homie- DJ ELLE. Love ya girl!

Sunset boatrides with Austin the mascot, Diana, Mare, Skinz & Cory- So peaceful but brrrrr cold. Ill be back next year!!!!

THANKS TO CORY & SKINZ who really hooked it up with the housing situation and paint! much love to you FAM!!! Thanks to TYPOE & ENMITY for wall space and lastly thanks to FREE 5 who is always down and always supporting! LOVE MY PEEPS:)

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