12 Oct

As promised here are more photos on my journey in Paris:

On top of a hill not too far from Moulin Rouge in Montemartre there is this BEAUTIFUL church called Sacre-Couer- we went to check it out at night.

The fountains out here are extraordinary- in NY it would be defaced. lol. Looks like she’s puking water. haha

It was rainy this day so we decided to go to the Pompidou and check out some art. The Eiffel Tower view from the top of the Pompidou.

This church looks like a sand castle to me- it is by Chatelet.

Pompidou Museum in Paris had a feminist exhibition and this was the entrance for it- I really enjoyed it.

Daniela at the Pompidou enjoying this cool installation in the Elles exhibit.

Vinz from Fatcap (who will be doing posting my interview soon) took us to this cool graffiti jam in area 93 of Paris called Bobigny. We found out that Bobigny is the hood of Paris- our friend JuanCarlos told us that it is rough out there… We met 2 cool women who were painting-one was DEY. We talked about linking later in the week to paint at Port Vincennes.  Also met a photographer out here Chrixcel who is in the pic above with me & DEY.

Went to the Louvre the first time on Tuesday and it was closed!!!! So sad but we went again, this time on Monday.

Daniela in the Jardin by the louvre-  basking in the little bit of sun shining on her:) love this pic!

SHE MEANS BUSINESS- DO NOT mess with her!!

The Jardin by the Louvre is like a big outdoor museum filled with sculptures- even though it was a bit rainy it was still breathtakingly beautiful!

We stumbled upon this bridge after we left the AMAZING Sennelier art store. We both read about the bridge but didn’t know where it was. This bridge on the Seine by the Louvre that people who are in love go to. I though this was so romantic- check this, they go there with a lock with their names written or carved on it, lock it on the gate and throw the key in the river to lock their love forever. SOOOOOO sweet!


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