12 Oct

I have been so mesmerized by Paris that I haven’t had time to update my blog. I think it also has to do with Daniela documenting everything so thoroughly that it has me thinking “well she’s got it”. If you haven’t already done so definitely check out the blog she has been updating daily on our residency out here:

I am so thankful to work with Daniela- she has been an AMAZING travel partner and collaborator! THANKS DCAP!!!

In the past 3 weeks I have been meeting people, creating prints, teaching workshops, wheatpasting and painting walls. The tumblr is a great way to follow our daily events but here are some flicks as well to keep my blog fresh- ENJOY!!!MAQUIS ART- the one stop shop for all your graff needs…

SHOUT OUT TO KAYONE for taking care of me while I’ve been here- THANKS KAY!!!


KAYONE referred us to his boy BANGA at Marche Malik who is an amazing artist- we checked out his shop and he hooked us up with a rooftop. I was so excited!!!

This image was inspired by CLEOPATRA.

A BIG THANK YOU to Banga for welcoming us with open arms, hooking up a dope spot to paint and teaching me a new cap technique that I love!!!!

A BIG hug n kiss to Salome for keeping us company and showing mad girly love!!!! I love Salome’s style.

Next blog posting coming tomorrow…

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