7 Sep

I was in Minneapolis this past weekend for the annual BGIRL BE event. I have been out there the past 4 years and it is always great to be part of such an inspiring event.

Peep the flicks below!

PARTY at the nomad- I was there. lol

Big Tara, Aiko & Aruna hanging at the party reuniting:)

I had a table with some goods at the block party. Those who bought some goods- thanks for your support!

MELIWONKA WAS AWESOME- she sprinkled everyone with glitter and stars. Hey where’s my golden ticket? haha

DESDEMONA always supporting my art- THANKS GIRL!!!

Michelle and Big Tara showing off their new AM stickers:)

ALL the BGIRL BE ladies presenting Pam the Funkstress with her award. U LADIES are so wonderful- THANK U!!!


BGIRL AIKO showing off her AM stencil. had a blast with you girl!

Me & Pur got to chill- we been painting together on this wall for the past 4 years together. Was great to meet your family mama!

RUKUS- really making sure I was good the whole trip. THANKS for really taking care of me kid!


JESS n TROSE- the hostest with the mostest!!!

blowing kisses…

wow!!!!! I cant even begin to explain how amazing the food was at this BBQ. Banana pudding n Mofongo… yum

THA LADIES.. tha ladies…

My finished piece- this is the Egyptian goddess Ma’at. She represents TRUTH.

Stick em up.:)

I always enjoy myself when I’m in Minneapolis- this is a strong community of women who are so supportive of the arts.  THANKS to TROSE & Jess for hosting me this year. THANKS to all the BGIRL BE ladies for doing a great job uniting women in hip hop. I really appreciate all the support and love! U GUYS R THE BEST.

One Response to “BGIRL BE 2010”

  1. DCAP September 8, 2010 at 8:51 pm #

    I love it!

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