11 Jul

Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest was super fun yesterday. YOUNITY repped at the Family Day part of the event. Me n Lichiban both rocked out our pieces and enjoyed the days activities and shows:)

Thanks to Alison from F.O.K.U.S who hooked this opportunity up. This is YOUNITY’s second year working with F.O.K.U.S on the BHHF. We appreciate all your hard work girl- thanks for inviting us! Oh and of course it was a great pleasure finally meeting Atiba from F.O.K.U.S and having him provide us with smiles and materials we needed. I love the color paint you gave me. Thanks guys!!!


Starting to develop my drippy pink/ purple background

Lichiban sketching her piece in…

Rephstar & PattyDukes from Circa95 hosted Family Day yesterday- theres Rephstar on stage dancing away with the kiddies:) so super cute!

Free 5 was asked to paint repping Brooklyn Bodega- Free5 Freddie is ALWAYS prepared… Thanks Freddie for hooking us up with paint trays n rollers, also for helping Alison with the pieces.

Kids inspired to draw… always giving love to our future!

Reina came through and did a drawing with Aaron Spaze Crafte🙂 Always love seeing sweet Reina!

More kids:) They really love the art we do and have tons of questions. Its important we provide meaningful answers to shape their understanding of the arts.

WhiteTrain.com peeps came thru to show support- great meeting you guys. Thanks for the inspirational talk! Lets build!

me n Lichiban almost done.

It rained briefly during the event and after it stopped the pink latex paint we had in the tray had white dots from the rain. I though it was a dope pattern and quite beautiful. Went along with all the many patterns and stencils I use in my work.

Aaron Spaze Crafte repping a Sohnup table- always working with the kids and giving back. I love that!

DJ Tahleim came thru to show support and hang for a bit.

FREE5 piece finished- DOPE

Tamir from Lyrics To Go also came by to show LOVE:)

Me n Patty bringing girl LOVE to the “all boys club” in the VIP area of the performance. LOL

Mikey1Soul and Aaron enjoying the show.

Me n Lichiban taking a picture break.

Finished piece:)- Had a lot of fun painting this.

AHHHHH the Brooklyn Bridge view all day while painting.

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