30 Jun

Had a great time at AFROPUNK this year- Thank you Rasu and Coup D’etat for inviting me. Got to build with peeps and really take my time painting while enjoying great music and sun:) Lots of it. haha.  Thanks to all my friends who came through to say hello and show support- LOVE U!!! Check the flicks:

uh oh… its on AFROPUNK 2010

students came through to show support and hang for a bit… THE FUTURE ARTISTS:)

Overexposed from the sun???? Toofly n Free 5 chillin while painting.

Martha came through and spread her love…love positive energy!

Reina got down and helped paint in the heart- was so fun to work with her… REINA IS AMAZING!!!

This was a great warm up for BK HIP HOP FEST coming up- So great to paint next to Lichiban!

Lots of friends dropped through to support and show love- thanks for coming Jess n Leianne!

Me n Rob really vibin’ ALL DAY- TWITTA THAT:) haha.

RIMX killing it as always!

Seeone going in – showing me some new rope on a can techniques- perfect sun!!!

COBY really expressing the REVOLT- AMAZING.

NICE– good to meet so many great artists:)

Mincho Vega- LOVE THIS!


Love the black n white stylez:) Ibrahim Yaqut..


Livingroom Johnston & Lichiban bless us:)

Mos Def in da house!!! Finally got to meet him:)

my final piece- had so much fun painting this piece! Get Free Y’all

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