19 Apr

A few weeks ago I was blessed to be part of an event at THE NATIONAL MUSEUM of WOMEN IN THE ARTS in DC.  My mentor Russell Goings provided me with this opportunity and linked me to his people, KIM BRIDGFORD from Mezzo Cammin. This timeline launch of poetry featured some of the best women poets in the world and I felt really honored to be showcasing my art alongside them. I showed a series I am currently working on entitled “THE GIVE SERIES”. My niece Alexis and my sis Violet came along to support and help me install, it was fun! Im so blessed to have such a supportive family and amazing opportunities- Check out the pics:

Focused on installation

Help is always appreciated:)



My mentor Russel Goings- THANKS RUSSELL!

My niece, Russell and my sister.

Kim Bridgford presents the poets so eloquently!

Dope performance by Somi- so soothing!

Violet and Alexis ready to eat dinner:)

Artwork by me!

awwww my sweet lil alexis- thanks for all ur help girly!

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