12 Jun

Wednesday I went to YRB in Dumbo to pick up copies of the new summer issue- I was so pleased with the design n layout. I think the mag looks dope!They featured QA, TOOFLY, Cycle, Tkid170, Revolt, Shai Dahan, me, One 9 and Ces. Below are some of the artists, check it and get yourself a copy too!



board-dreams_qa_smQueen Andrea- “Fly High, Lay Low, Rise Above”

toofly-board-dreams_smTOOFLY- “Know Thyself”

YRB SK8 deck035

AM-“Hanging on”

Inspiration for my design: I have 2 inspirationsfor this design. A freind of mine in Berlin had a photo of this girl and I loved it. I took it and now a few months later used it as reference. My other inspiration comes from my strong sister. She recently lost her husband and has managed to hold onto love. Love for her kids, love for her family and friends. She is firmly “hangin’ on” to love.

One Response to “YRB SUMMER 2009 SK8 DECKS”

  1. Lichiban June 17, 2009 at 6:01 pm #

    hot shit! congrats, girl.

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